Remarks By Congressman Karen Handel Georgia Chamber Of Commerce - Annual Legislative Luncheon

August 14, 2017 \\ Press Release

Macon Georgia - Congressman Handel condemns racism and anti-semitism in remarks during a prayer at the Georgia Chamber congressional luncheon, Congressman Handel said:

Thank you.  It is an honor to be with the Georgia Chamber today.  It is also an incredible privilege to have the opportunity to serve the 6th District and our state.

Today, we are celebrating all that makes Georgia such a great state in which to live, raise our families, and do business. 

Still, our thoughts must also be with the families of Heather Heyer and the two Virginia state troopers, as well as with the other victims injured in this weekend’s deeply disturbing attack in Charlottesville. We must all stand up to those who would employ hatred and evil to divide us – for there is NO place in a civil society – in OUR society -- for racism OR anti-Semitism. 

Please join me in prayer …

Oh, Mighty God, we come before you this day — with our heads bowed and our hearts wide open — to humbly ask for Your blessings on this gathering, on our state and our nation. 

Each one of us here is a leader in our lives. We are ALL unique individuals with an array of responsibilities and opportunities – and a calling to make a difference.  Yes, we sometimes have competing, differing opinions and perspectives.  But, Lord, let us be united as Georgians — as Americans — as God’s children for a higher purpose in service to You. 

Lord, we ask that you hear our prayer … this prayer for healing and reconciliation -- for coming together as one nation under God.  Lend us Your hand to help us embrace that which unites us and reject the temptation to divide.  Help us find the courage and the strength to speak up when silence may be more convenient … to engage with one another in a way that is pleasing to You … with respect, civility and kindness … so that we might live up to the great potential that You have for us, for our state and for this country.

Lord, we ask that You keep our men and women of the military out of arms way as they work to keep us safe and free.

Please bless this food and the hands that have prepared it, so that it may feed our spirit and nourish our souls to better serve You.

Lord, we ask You to hear our prayer ... and all of God’s children said, Amen.