Celebrating Tax Cuts During Women's History Month

March 12, 2018
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Celebrating Tax Cuts During Women's History Month

I joined House Leadership on Tuesday morning to discuss the news of the day and talk about how tax reform is impacting women across the country. Watch my remarks by clicking this picture.

To share how the new tax code is affecting you and your family, please visithandel.house.gov/media/surveys.

March is Women’s History Month. As we honor the fearless women who paved the way for us today, we celebrate the women who are currently making history in boardrooms and courtrooms across America. Women make up 47 percent of the workforce and own 9.4 million businesses across the U.S. Women, too, are the faces of tax reform. 

Nancy Juneau is the CEO of Juneau Construction in Atlanta, the largest woman-owned contractor business in Georgia. Nancy told me this week that the Tax Bill will allow Juneau to increase its bonding capacity, pursue larger projects, and hire more employees.

A neighbor of mine also happens to work in the construction industry. When I ran into her recently, she was so excited to tell me that she is bringing home an extra $260 a month in her paycheck. That is real, meaningful relief for a single mom helping her daughter get through college.

Tax reform is working for Americans. It's working for women. It's working for working families across the country. And I look forward to seeing more positive results in the months to come.

Enhancing School Safety in the 6th -- and Across the Country

Congress is continuing to address ways to enhance school safety. My friend and former Duval County (FL) Sheriff John Rutherford has introduced H.R. 4909, the Student, Teachers & Officers Preventing (Stop) School Violence Act, and I am proud to join him as a co-sponsor of this legislation.


The STOP School Violence Act reauthorizes the Justice Department’s Secure Our Schoolsprogram that provides grants to states to improve school security. The legislation secures $500 million in grant funding that can be used over the next ten years to train law enforcement, school personnel and students, to develop anonymous reporting systems, and to establish threat assessment teams. The legislation expands the program to cover all public and private elementary and secondary schools. Federal grant dollars can be used to cover up to 75% of project costs.

The STOP School Violence Act supplements several other key measures already passed by the House, such as the Fix NICS legislation to strengthen background checks for gun sales and additional funding for mental health programs and opioid addiction prevention and recovery programs.

Here in the District, I received school safety and security briefings from school officials in DeKalb and Fulton Counties, and I’ll be meeting with Cobb County school officials in the next two weeks. Additionally, my office participated in the Fulton Board of Education’s parent forum. While I won’t detail the specific security measures (as that would undermine the effectiveness of those procedures), I will say that our CD6 school systems have been extremely proactive - adding onsite law enforcement personnel and school resource officers, requiring training for all personnel and students, and implementing numerous other security measures. My thanks to the school system leadership in the Sixth District for their efforts.


Visit to Dobbins Air Force Base

Last month I had a chance to visit Dobbins Air Force Base. Dobbins houses the 94th Airlift Wing, and has a $172 million annual economic impact across our region. 

Using its fleet of C-130s, Dobbins deployed 25% of its force for rescue missions last year. It helped lead relief efforts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, and turned many of the C-130s into mobile hospitals to treat additional victims.

Protecting Dobbins and the life-saving work our troops do around the world is not only critical for our region's economy, but also for our military's response preparedness. I will continue to work to support Dobbins and all other essential components of our national defense. 



Finally, the deadline for submissions to the Congressional Art Competition is April 4. The competition is open to all high school students in the Sixth District.

The winning piece of artwork will be displayed for one year in the U.S. Capitol. To learn more, visit handel.house.gov/services/art-competition.


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Karen C. Handel
Member of Congress