Happy Easter and Happy Passover

March 30, 2018

Talking Tax Reform, Expansion with Arylessence 

Arylessence is a family-owned business that has operated in Cobb County for over 40 years. It was a pleasure to pay Arylessence a visit and talk with many of its 150 employees on Monday.

This Sixth District business is known worldwide for its contributions to the fragrance industry, manufacturing products ranging from perfumes, personal care and beauty cosmetics, laundry and household products, home fragrances, and air care. 

Because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Arylessence plans on adding additional employees in the coming months.


Town Hall with Employees of Zurich Insurance

I also visited and spoke with many of Zurich's 300 employees at its Atlanta office earlier this week. Zurich covers a broad commercial portfolio and is one of the largest commercial property/casualty insurers in the world.

In fact, about 90% of Fortune 500 companies work with Zurich to fill their insurance needs. Zurich continues to serve as a vital economic driver in the Sixth District, and I thank them for their hospitality.


Discussing Efforts to Combat the Opioid Epidemic with the Johns Creek Chamber of Commerce

I spent some time speaking with members of the Johns Creek Chamber of Commerce on Thursday morning.

About 100 people were in attendance.  Together we discussed topics ranging from veterans issues to the opioid epidemic.

Opioids claimed the lives of roughly 60,000 Americans in 2016.  That is completely unacceptable.  The opioid epidemic is a national problem.  Solving it requires bipartisan cooperation.

In the coming weeks, the House will offer multiple measures designed to combat the Opioid Epidemic.  Those range from increasing treatment access to developing improved methods for the disposal of excess pills.


Finally, this weekend, many of us gather with family, loved ones, and friends to celebrate the holy days of our respective faiths.  At Easter and throughout Passover, we are reminded of the teachings of Jesus and Moses - love, kindness and hope for our futures.  Steve and I wish you and your family a happy Easter and a happy Passover.


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Karen C. Handel
Member of Congress