Long-Term Certainty for our Troops and Critical Community Health Centers

February 9, 2018

Critical Long-Term Certainty for Troops, Community Health Centers Approved

Early this morning, I voted for a bill that makes strong, critical investments in our military while establishing funding for Community Health Centers for two years.

There are 281 Federally Qualified Health Centers in Georgia, and 2 in the Sixth District. These entities encompass all Community Health Centers, public housing centers, and programs serving the homeless, among others.

Community Health Centers increase access to healthcare, improve patient outcomes, and are uniquely positioned to spread the benefits of community-based and patient centered care. I was proud to cast the second vote this week in support of Community Health Centers. 

This agreement also fully funds our military at the level requested by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

While we took an important step by giving certainty to our troops and investing in resources to combat the opioid epidemic, this does not change the fact that the government budget process is broken and unsustainable.

The House passed every single appropriations bill before this fiscal year began, but the process was stalled by partisanship in the Senate. The American people expect and deserve something different than the status quo. We must do better on a bipartisan, bicameral level going forward.  


Check Your Check

Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, employers can immediately begin using new federal withholding tables for their workers.

The exact timing of your tax cut will depend on when your employer is able to make the update and how often you are paid. It typically takes payroll providers and employers about a month to update withholding changes on their systems. Employers have until February 15 to do this.

If you’re one of the 90% of Americans whose taxes are going down in 2018, check your previous or next paycheck to see just how much extra money you’ll have at every pay day this year. 

For most taxpayers, the highlighted boxes on the images above are where you'll see the effect of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on your next paycheck.

At number 1, you'll notice your "Net Pay." This is the total amount of money you keep from every paycheck after taxes and other deductions.

At number 2, you'll see "Federal Tax Withholding." This is the amount of taxes you pay to the federal government at every paycheck. With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, this number is going down - and pay is going up - for 9 out of 10 earners.

Joint Economic Committee & Good Luck to our Olympians

Finally, last Friday, I was appointed to the Joint Economic Committee.

The Committee is bipartisan, as the House & Senate each appoint 10 members split evenly between Republicans & Democrats. 

The JEC is one of just four standing Joint Committees in Congress. On it, I will be responsible for reviewing national economic conditions and recommending improvements to U.S. economic policy.

The JEC focuses on many diverse issues that affect our economy - from trade and tax policy to entrepreneurialism and workforce issues, and even the impact of the opioid crisis on our economy. Many of these are issues that directly impact the Sixth District.

Check out jec.senate.gov to learn more about the committee.


Also, as we kick off the Winter Olympics in South Korea and wish good luck to all of the athletes representing America, I just wanted to congratulate the Walton High School Volleyball team for bringing home Georgia's FIRST EVER national championship in the sport, according to VolleyballMag.com's rankings. Special congratulations to coach Suzanne Fitzgerald for her success with the program!

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Karen C. Handel
Member of Congress