What Matters Most to You?

August 10, 2018
August 10, 2018

What Matters Most to You?

If you have a moment, please take this quick survey and let me know which topics matter most to you.

I am focused on real solutions to issues and challenges YOU are facing, so that we can do all we can to make life better for you and your family.

The great opportunity to serve you is never lost on me, and I am grateful for the tremendous amount of trust you’ve placed in me.

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Georgia Receives Funding for Victim Services

On Thursday, the U.S. Attorney General announced more than $100 million will be given to our state to support victims of criminal activity and to make sure these criminals are held accountable for their actions. 

This is not a taxpayer funded grant opportunity. The funds originate from fines and fees paid by the people who actually commit the crime.

If you are interested in reading more about this announcement, click here to view this write up from the Macon Telegraph

Celebrating India's Independence

My husband, Steve, and I had the most wonderful time at the 22nd Annual Festival of India this past weekend. 

It was great to celebrate India’s independence and speak with everyone about the incredible partnership between our two countries. Never has there been a time when India and America mattered more to each other.

We have witnessed a great increase in bilateral trade, and joint-manufacturing through technology sharing arrangements have become key milestones and a measure of speed and advancement on the path to closer U.S.-India relations. 

I am thankful for our continued partnership and the kindness shown at this great festival.

Honoring Purple Heart Heroes

This week, we commemorated the Purple Heart and those who were wounded or killed while selflessly serving our country. As Americans, we have a responsibility to the heroes and families who serve, and it is my hope that we can all come together, give thanks, and remember our women and men in the United States Armed Forces.

Mr. Heinrich F. Haegerich, Jr. served from November 1965 through July 1967 in the infantry as a ground soldier where he was wounded, earning the Purple Heart. He was in the 1st Calvary, an air mobile division at Georgia’s very own Ft. Benning, as well as the 25th Division in Hawaii.

My district office had the honor of assisting him while navigating the CHOICE program at the VA. Mr. Haegerich was able to receive the surgery he needed and deserved in March of this year.

We’d like to thank Hank, active duty service members, and veterans for their incredible service to this country. We are proud to have you in the 6th District and to have honored all Purple Heart recipients on Purple Heart Day.

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Karen C. Handel
Member of Congress